3D Flow Mixes

Music from the 3D flow and other events where DJ AJ Orbit is spinning are being recorded for your download and listening pleasure. Feel free to take a listen or download the files.

This is for personal use and not for re-distribution, re-transmission, or commercial purposes.

June 3D Flow


Lululemon Summertime @ Santana Row


July 3D Flow


Class Playlists

Many folks have asked me if my playlists from my classes are public and available. In fact they are! I'll post my class playlists within a few days of the class, so if you don't see the playlist, check back in a few days. In some cases, I'll use the same playlist for two different classes at two different studios, but never for the same studio. Feel free to have a listen and enjoy!

2017.01.04 Yin 75m

2017.01.04 Power 60m

2017.01.04 Power 75m

2017.01.02 Power 60m

2017.01.01 Power 90m NY Special

2016.12.28 Vinyasa 75m

2016.12.28 Power 60m

2016.12.27 Power 75m

2016.12.26 Power 60m

2016.12.19 Power 60m

2016.11.29 Power

2016.11.289 Power 60m

2016.11.20 Power 75m

2016.11.17 Power 90m

2016.11.16 Power 60m

2016.11.07 Power 60m

2016.11.04 Power 90m

2016.10.31 Restorative 60m

2016.10.30 Power 60m

2016.10.28 Power 75m

2016.10.27 Power 60m

2016.10.24 Vinyasa 60m

2016.10.22 Power 75m

2016.10.21 Power 90m

2016.10.21 Gentle 50m

2016.10.19 Power 60m

2016.10.17 Vinysa 60m

2016.10.15 Power 75m

2016.10.14 Power 90m

2016.10.12 Power 60m

2016.10.10 Power 60m

2016.10.06 Power 75m

2016.10.05 Power 90m

2016.10.05 Power 60m

2016.10.02 Power 60m

2016.10.01 Power 75m

2016.10.01 Power 90m

2016.09.26 Vinyasa 60m

2016.09.23 Power 90m

2016.09.23 Gentle 50m

2016.09.22 Power 60m

2016.09.18 Power 60m

2016.09.16 Gentle 50m

2016.09.12 Power 60m

2016.09.12 Vinyasa 60m

2016.09.11 Power 90m

2016.09.09 Power 60m

2016.09.07 Power 60m